The Smokehouse in Grand Rapids

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Date(s) - 12/18/2021
6:45 am - 7:45 am

Site Q - Smokey

The Smokehouse


Beautiful small town. Great beatdown opportunities. Meet at the playground next to the Old Fire Station.


One thought on “The Smokehouse in Grand Rapids

  1. Welcome to F3
    Mission Statement
    5 Core Principles
    Set Up:
    Speaker for Christmas Music
    Card with instructions
    The Thang:
    Each Pax completes the exercise corresponding to their answer
    1. I (or my M) has completed all of our Christmas shopping.
    a. Naughty – 5 Kraken burpees
    b. Nice – 50 LBCs
    2. I leave milk and cookies out for Santa.
    a. Naughty – 20 donkey kicks
    b. Nice – 30 air presses
    3. I have actually given coal to someone in my family.
    a. Naughty – 10 absolutions
    b. Nice – 25 squats
    4. Every time I Q’d, my backblasts were posted within 24 hours.
    a. Naughty – 25 big boy sit-ups
    b. Nice – 25 crunchy frogs
    5. I will joyfully be present at my in-laws over the hoildays.
    a. Naughty – 7 8-ct body builders
    b. Nice – 7 inchworms
    6. I spilled the beans about Santa.
    a. Naughty – 20 Lt Dans
    b. Nice – 25 speed skaters (2:1)
    7. I let my kids open a gift earlier than Christmas Eve.
    a. Naughty – 20 stump huggers
    b. Nice – 20 plank jacks
    8. I have headlocked someone into F3 this year.
    a. Naughty – 20 supermans
    b. Nice – 20 Captain Thors
    9. I have/will help my M wrap the gifts.
    a. Naughty – 20 diamond merkins
    b. Nice – 20 wide merkins
    10. I will surely spike some egg nog or punch at a Christmas party.
    a. Naughty – 40 flutter kicks (2:1)
    b. Nice – 20 Freddy Mercurys (2:1)
    11. I have lived 3rd this month.
    a. Naughty – 25 hand-release merkins
    b. Nice – 25 merkins
    12. I am going to participate in the Winter Challenge.
    a. Naughty – 20 crab cakes (2:1)
    b. Nice – 20 heel touches (2:1)

    Now, have the Pax do the opposite exercises than what they did, but only half the reps (round down).

    Announcements: Saturday Christmas AO’s closed, 2 options on Friday
    Radio – Q
    Crack Shot – 6

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