One thought on “The Necropolis (Fort Meigs – Ruck)

  1. 5/19/20
    Q: Jennay/Mile High
    Ruckers: Ringo, Beretta, Popeyes, Flo, Dropout, Woodstock, Gepetto, Huffy
    Runners: Jennay, Stark Fossil
    Opened with Mission, 5 Core Principals. Ruckers and runners split off to head different direction.
    Runners – 5 mile route – Clocktower in Levis Commons and back.
    Ruckers – 3 miles, with a pause every 7 minutes for 5 ruck burpees. Did lunges or arm circles at the major intersections, and finished with 1/8 mile of overhead hand claps. Moving pace was <16min/mile.

    Met up at the end for socially distant circle and NOR, COR and COT

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