One thought on “The Fortress (Grace Church)

  1. Pax: Charmin, Spaulding, Huckleberry, Mulan, Heisenberg, Casper, Jennay, coconut, Fossil, ok, meatloaf, Hannibal, Biggie, FNG Buffet, FNG 2 Buck Chuck, Woodstock

    QiC Woodstock

    Full Disclosure: YHC was finishing up a month long distance challenge and PAX were subject to hidden miles with the beatdown. And a good beatdown is tough, hard threshold training makes it great.

    Warmup – ssh, merkin, windmills, easy IP run, kitty kicks, potato pickers

    Rounds of on bell work:
    1) 5 thrusters, sprint down and back (bell every 45s/5:15) – last round double sprint
    2) Merkins/curls (bell every :30, them switch exercise, 3:00)
    3) 5 burpees, sprint down and back (45s/5:15)
    4) flutter kicks/plank jacks (:30/3)
    5) 5 lt Dan’s, sprint (45s/5:15)
    6) merkins/squats (:30/3)
    7) 5 jump squats /sprint (45s/5:15) up button – double sprints or extra set jump squats.

    2 FNGs are not locals (2 Buck Chuck is a clevelander, Buffet is from Marion, IN but may be moving to Indy). Both EHd by Heisenberg.

    Great time had by all, Charmin was the 6 and as always we ended in a COT.

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