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  1. Be The Swamp Thing You Were Meant Too Be- The Beatdown
    Mile High
    Started off with the usual:
    F3 stands for Fitness, Fellowship, and Faith but today it was all the cool comfort of 90 degree heat.
    F3 is a national network of free, peer-led workouts for men. Our mission is to plant, grow and serve small workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.
    Our Core Principles are: – Our workouts are:
    Are free of charge.
    Are open to all men.
    Are held outdoors, rain or shine, heat or cold.
    Are led by men who participate in the workout in a rotating fashion.
    End with a Circle of Trust.
    The Disclaimer – You against you.
    Kicked off the beatdown with 21 side straddle hops, and got into the meat of the beatdown

    Be the Swamp Thing You Were Meant To Be!
    Pair up in Groups of 2 (possible 1 group of 3)
    Station #1
    Decline Merkins 25 Reps
    American Hammers 25 Reps
    Incline Merkins 25 Reps
    Australian Swing Push-Ups 25 Reps
    Dips 25 Reps
    Mosy to Station #2

    Station #2
    Agility Run 2 Runs
    40 Yd. Car Push (Each Direction is 1) 2 Runs
    Calf Raise Jump Squats 25 Reps
    40 Yard Dashes (Each Direction is 1) 2 Sprints
    Lunge to Station #3

    Station #3
    Pull-Ups / Chin-Ups Max Reps
    Imperial Walker Squats 30 Reps
    Big Boy/Shoulder Press (Progressive Count) 20 Reps
    Burpees 15 Team
    Duck Walk to Station #1
    All of the pairs made it thru at least 1 and 2/3 rounds. Awesome work by the whole everyone. We ended in the COT where Gypsy was the 6 told us a bit about himself. I was paired up with Gypsy and he pushed me the whole way and kicked some serious tail without any letting off the gas! Thanks for taking me well beyond my comfort zone Brother!! If the effort determines the effectiveness of the beatdown, the PAX made the most of it!! Great work you great big pod of Swamp Thang HIMs!! As always, an honor to lead my Brothers!!

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