One thought on “The Fortress (Woodland Park)

  1. 5/16/2020

    Q: Chanel
    Co-Q: Stark
    PAX: Huckleberry, Thai Guy, Ponzi, Nuget, Coconut, Tupac, Geppetto, Dutch, Hannibal, Jennay, Eisenberg, Gypsey, Charmin, Mulan, Flo, Bourbon, Casper, Huffy, Meatloaf, Fossil, Heisenberg,Shawshank

    Started the morning off with a large circle, counted off and then divided into two groups to better comply with social distancing. Stark led the second group. We also had a third group join us via Zoom.

    A. Follow the Music

    Bodies- Burpee everytime you hear Bodies. Squat in between.
    Flower- Merkins- Bring Sally down and hold until bring Sally up.
    I Get Knocked Down- Chop it until you hear I get knocked down then hit it.

    B. 7’s Beatdown

    7’s- 6 burpees on one side. Run for 36 seconds (We are taking the Bus) in one direction and then return. Do 1 squat. Then run 36 seconds in one direction and then return. The repeato with 5 burpees. Run again. The 2 squats. Repeato until you get to 1 burpee and 7 squats.

    C. Stair Beatdown

    Start with 1 rep on each exercise. Go through the set and then repeato until you get to 7 reps

    American Hammers- 2 is 1
    Imperial Walker- 2 is 1
    Big Boy Sit Ups
    Jump Squats

    D. Daily Double Roll of the Dice Beatdown

    Take a roll of the dice. Do you feel lucky, well do ya???

    I rolled the dice for the PAX and then asked them a Steelers trivia question. If they got it wrong, the reps on the die doubled.

    We finished off the morning with Counto-O-Rama, the Six, and a modified Circle of Trust.

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