One thought on “The Necropolis (Fort Meigs – Run)

  1. 8 Runners demolished the hill at Davis overlook today

    Coconut (Q)

    Men mixed it up with the hill repeats
    1st hill–sprint
    2nd hill–high knee skip
    3rd hill–run backwards
    4th hill–fast lunge walk
    5th hill–sprint

    At the top, pax dropped for 3 quick burpees before recovery to the bottom of the hill.
    Sprint the straightaway to the parking lot and 3 more burpees before heading back out for the next rep. Everyone got after it and made it all the way through the set (and a few to 2 or 3 deep in 2nd set).
    Back at the Necropolis parking lot, we topped it off with some form drills and cadence flexibility work.

    With the ruckers joined in, count was 16.
    Hannibal gave a great 6, celebrating 1 year of F3 yesterday.

    Prayer intentions: Boost the Pax in leading from the heart to bring justice, compassion, and stability to our community in this time of unrest. Katelyn. Hazmat’s brother.

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