One thought on “Leadership Ruck – Fitness of the Body, Mind, and Soul

  1. 5/16/20 – Leadership Ruck/Run
    Ruckers – Geppetto, Casper, Huffy, Tupac, Flo
    Swamp Runners – Jennay, Stark, Shawshank, Dutch, Bourbon

    Concept: Shield Lock – Q Source 1.7 – Shared a discussion on leadership in the gloom…

    Opened with Mission Statement, 5 Core Principals and Disclaimer. Ruckers and Runners separated ways and met back together at the end. Runners did roughly 5 miles including an off-road stint around 3 Meadows Pond to Bourbon’s dismay and a detriment to his shoes..

    Ended with COR, the 6 (Flo), and COT

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