One thought on “Leadership Training/ Bible Study

  1. Q=Tupac
    PAX=Huffy, Flo, Raven, Ponzi,Gepetto, Coconut, Isoceles, Charmin, Bongo, Jennay, Fossil, Jimmy Dean


    13 PAX came to the virtual Bible Study to continue our series on PSALM 119.

    we reviewed some general info on 119,
    Author = David
    length = longest chapter in the bible, 118 is center of the bible and 117 is shortest chapter
    Acrostic = as Coconut pointed out, it is like our ABCs song, each stanza is a letter of the Hebrew alphabet, adn each stanza is 8 lines.

    we leaned of David’s passion for God’s word/law and how he aches for the world around him, that the worlds does not have the same desire, passion and follow the law.

    Great discussion, Q will attempt to give more time for people to answer, thanks for the honest feedback from RAVEN.

    TuPac challenged any PAX going on cooler ruck tomorrow 05/30/20 to pray for the neighborhoods after each stop.

    Love you guys

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