One thought on “The Necropolis (Fort Meigs – Run)

  1. The Ruckus Bringer
    Coho (FNG – Stark/FiA Gypsy EH’d)
    Q- Raven
    The Thang:
    With a repeating timer set for every 5 min, we headed north toward the fort. Around the east side of the fort and out first alarm sounded for a PT stop. Packs off on our 6 for some high slow flutterkicks while holding our packs over head. Packs back on and headed to the bridge over River Maumee. At the start of the bridge we halted for directions. Indian Wall Sits was the announcement 🙂 each PAX start by doing a wall sit on a “post”, the last PAX sprints to the beginning of the line and wall sits, followed by the next, last PAX in line, all the way across the bridge. Grueling and amazing at the same time. We continued through Sidecut Metro park, stopping every 5 minutes for PT. After the park we headed back to the fort. PT as follows:
    -Low Plank 90 count
    -Monkey Humpers 34
    -Lunge walk 50 paces
    -Shoulder taps 20 (2is1)
    As always, it was an honor to lead. The HIM of F3 inspire me to want to be a better man & I wouldn’t be who I am with out them, AYE!


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