One thought on “The Gauntlet (Rivercrest Park)

  1. PAX: Jennay, Huffy, Casper, Stark, Raven, Dutch, Venom, OK, Woodstock
    QiC: Woodstock

    Rucks/Vests required.

    Move out from parking lot down path by ball fields doing IP style ruck the whole way (fast paced, tread style – dont wait for back to front, peel off and move). At YHC discretion, stop and do 20 ruck merkins, 20 ruck squats, then hold plank for 6. (completed about 8-10 stops total for the beatdown, total of 160-200 merkins and squats)). At parking lot, rucked off for 40 parking lot sprint, 20 merkins/20 squats, sprint back to ruck, 20 ruck swings and 20 rucks rows. Ruck back on, move out and repeat. At big hill, run up the hill for merkins and squats, down the hill for swings and rows, move out. at parking lot, sprint/merkin & squat/sprint/swings and rucks. Finished with 32 ruck overhead in cadence flutter kicks for Jennay’s birthday.

    Weather: perfect.

    Ended with a COT.

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