One thought on “Maumee High School

  1. Pax- Bongo, Meatloaf, Footloose, Slurpee, Dropout, Coconut, Lavar, Mercy, Chalupa, Lonzo
    Q- Isosceles

    The Thang:
    Did a progressively more difficult workout, all CSAUP

    1 minute: 20 calf raises, 10 Merkins
    2 minutes: Seal crawls
    3 minutes: duck walk with Cindy
    4 minutes: dirty hook ups
    5 minutes: Curl, swings, skull crushers 20 reps each on repeato
    6 minutes: ape hop with Cindy 10 hops, 10 squat thrusters
    7 minutes: Wolverine makers
    8minutes: (actually on had 4 minutes left) Walk jog sprint

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