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F3 Black Swamp | June 19, 2024

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FloRuck 2020

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Date(s) - 10/24/2020
5:00 am - 11:00 am

Site Q - Mercy

The Fortress


Special Event day!

4 Phases – free to participate in all, some, or 1 Phase

Phase 1: FloRuck: 0500 – 0645
Phase 2: Flo Beatdown: 0700 – 0800
Phase 3: Scavenger Ruck: 0810 – 1000
Phase 4: 2nd F Tailgate: 1000 – 1100

All events start at The Fortress

601 E Boundary St, Perrysburg, Ohio 43551

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  1. Mercy

    PAX:lonzo, woodstock, air wolf, mr glass, van gogh, cobra, goose, brute, nails, ringo, popeyes, fraction, lego, brita, klinger, mayor, romano, huffy, shrinkage, dauber, fat amy, dropout, callahan, stark, doubtfire, huckleberry, FLO, homeslice, gepetto, coconut, jennae, casper, cogsworth, hannibal, Stinger (FNG), biggie, bourbon, charmin, shawshank, ticket, footloose, moana, tupac, beaker, bluto, Patriot, OK, Isosceles (Q), Mercy (Q), Hazmat, Jimmy Dean, Raven.

    Intro, Mission, Principles, FloRuck – to honor Flo.

    The goal of the ruck was the keep it simple, minimal coupons, some brisk miles before the FloRuck beatdown. We had from 0500- 0645 to make this happen. The pax split into 2 groups, Isoceles leading 1, Mercy leading the other. While in the circle, we counted off by 2s, split up, each group carrying an American Flag and Black Swamp Flag.

    The intended total distance was around 6.5 miles. Isosceles group came close to that. Mercy’s group, thanks to 2 trains and other things came closer to 6 miles. The course was a big circle that ran along the river and through perrysburg, starting at Grace Church, near the Fortress. Isosceles group went one way, and Mercy’s group went the opposite. With a time hack, the groups met in the middle, passed off the kettlebell and Flo. The kettlebell was the only main coupon the PAX carried. A gift for Flo, the PAX signed it as they carried it.

    It was a beautiful, brisk morning, spent with some of the best men in the State of Ohio, some first time ruckers joined us, a great showing from our brothers up north in F3 Toledo were also part of the fun. It was a good time.

    COR, NOR, Prayer.

  2. Jennay

    10/24/20 – FloRuck – Scavenger Ruck
    Q – Jennay
    AO – The Fortress
    Jennay, Coconut, Bourbon, Houdini, Huffy, Homeslice, Ticket, Chanel, Dropout, Lego, Casper, Huckleberry, Van Gogh, Fraction, Jimmy Dean, Moana, Flo, Romano, Tupac, OK, Raven, Stark, Isosceles, Lyman, Mercy, Beaker

    Open – Mission/5 Core Principals/Disclaimer

    We started with a COR to get a number of pax and allow Jennay a moment to do some serious calculations in his head to figure out the team structures.
    Then pax counted off by 5 to produce 5 teams of 4 (1 team actually had 6).
    The teams were instructed to send one member to the center to be designated the team leader and would receive instructions for the ruck.
    The teams would be given a list of items to find throughout the city and recorded on a sheet (honor system).
    The only other things to pay attention to were used as potential tiebreakers – Time of return and total distance traveled.

    Many of the teams arrived in the nick of time at 9:44 (deadline was 9:45 am) and a few arrived early. Points and times varied, with the final team arriving 15 minutes past the deadline at 10:00 AM.

    By this time, the pax had already transitioned into 2nd F so the circle of trust became a tribute to Flo and his contribution to the pax, the community, and the group.

    Thanks for being you Flo! Can’t wait to celebrate again next year!

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