Saturday October 24, 2020
4 Phases – free to participate in all, some, or 1 Phase

Phase 1: FloRuck: 0500 – 0645
Phase 2: Flo Beatdown: 0700 – 0800
Phase 3: Scavenger Ruck: 0810 – 1000
Phase 4: 2nd F Tailgate: 1000 – 1100


Grace Church
601 E. Boundary St.
Perrysburg, OH 43551


Ruck: Mercy, Isosceles
Beatdown: Hazmat, TuPac, Casper, Raven, Jimmy Dean
Scavenger Ruck: Jennay
2nd F: Stark


An event to honor our 3rd F Q and Veteran PAX, Flo, on his 3 Year F3 Anniversary and support his fight against Parkinson’s. All men are welcome.

Ruck at 0500 will include limited coupons, keeping social distance precautions in mind.

Beatdown will be a convergence at the Fortress.

Scavenger Ruck will be randomly selected teams of 5, completing a scavenger hunt with rucks and a time limit.

2nd F will be tailgate style in Grace church immediately following scavenger ruck portion. Bring your own food and drinks or gather them on stops during the scavenger ruck portion.

3rd F Component:

Habitat for Humanity – a drive to pledge 500 hours as F3 Black Swamp, with a commemorative FloRuck patch to earn.

Patch requirements:

  • Complete any/all segments of the FloRuck
  • AND/OR

  • Pledge and Complete 10 hours of service work with Habitat for Humanity
  • (Suggested donation of $5.00 for patch costs, but not required)

    Patch design pays tribute to our support for the fight against Parkinson’s Disease. The Tulip is a sign of hope and optimism. The three pedals are a symbol of a three sided mission “Hope through research, education and advocacy.” The “F” in the middle is in honor of a true HIM within F3, our very own Flo.

    So use the strength and gifts you were given and pledge to share a minimum of 10 hours with Habitat for Humanity to help us build up our community together.

    Suggested Gear List:

    • Rucksack
    • Headlamp & Spare Batteries
    • Ruck Reflectors or Equivalent
    • Water Bottle
    • Ruck Weight – recommended 30lbs if you weigh over 150lb, 20lbs if you weigh under 150lbs
    • Photo ID
    • Index Card with Emergency contact information
    • Gear for beatdown such as gloves
    • Snacks, electrolytes, caffeine, etc.

    Flyer for Download