Bible Study/Leadership Training

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Date(s) - 11/12/2021
5:30 am - 6:15 am

Site Q - Jimmy Dean

Fort Meigs YMCA


Come check out an opportunity for expanding your third F (Faith) involvement in F3 with this peer led Bible study. Excellent opportunity for exploring your faith and enjoying fellowship with the F3 Black Swamp PAX.

One thought on “Bible Study/Leadership Training

  1. The Rabbit Hole
    Inaugural Beatdown

    Q: Doubtfire
    17 Pax ventured out to Whitehouse to launch and name our newest AO.
    Thai Guy
    Fat Amy
    Jimmy Dean

    This beatdown was an exploration of the AO.
    We began by moseying out into the breadth of the AO. As we moseyed, we performed the following warmups:
    *Arnold Palmers
    *Side shuffles
    We arrived at the shelter house where I shared about the Chad 1000 workout from the day before. We then did the following in cadence in the shelter house:
    *Incline Merkins
    Moseyed to the waters edge and performed more dips on the rock wall
    Moseyed to the base of the sledding hill and issued the challenge for everyone to count the steps.
    All got it right 72 steps!
    At the top of hill we performed SSH in cadence. BBSU in cadence. THe we crawl beared down.
    Back up the hill and then moseyed down the back side of the hill. Learned about the epic “Rabbit Hole” that leads adventurous kids and pax down the sledding hill through the wooded portion of the hill off to the side. When I coached at Blue Creek, I used to run my athletes up the hill for fun and conditioning and they introduced me to the “Rabbit Hole”! It’s an adventure but also a metaphor for the entire AO being a rabbit hole of adventure for any Q.
    We finished off the beatdown with some shoulder tap plank jacks at the mouth of the rabbit hole then we moseyed over to the quarry for some dirty hook ups on the boulder followed by a group selfie on the boulder.

    We circled up and named the AO The Rabbit Hole courtesy of Jennay and Stark’s nomination.
    6- Roundup

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