One thought on “2.0 Workout

  1. BackBlast for 2.0’s workout 3/21/blastoff.

    PAX: Biggie, Chubbs, CareBear, Patch, Mr Free Time, Stark, Lyman, Coconut (Q)

    Warmups led by Coconut and Carrot (2.0-5yo)
    – toe touches
    – Windmill
    – Trunk Rotation

    4 min timer, 8 stations
    on the beep, move to the next station and perform the listed exercise. Parents v. Kids
    For repeated moves, it’s AMRAP, for holds it’s last man standing. Animal moves between stations (duck walk, bunny hop, ape hop, bear crawl, crawl bear, etc.)
    Squat Hold
    Plank hold
    Hollow man
    Starfish hold

    Kids, Dads, and Moms put in the work for 32 solid minutes. It was fun and a variety of challenge. a gaggle(24!!!!) of new and repeat 2.0’s joined the COT, to receive or own their nicknames.

    Several families stayed after for community service, collecting litter to beautify Woodland Park.

    What a humbling honor to lead on this amazing day!

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