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F3 Black Swamp | June 16, 2024

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Wakanda (Maumee High)

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Date(s) - 12/31/2020
5:30 am - 6:15 am

Site Q - Lonzo



Located in the heart of Maumee, Ohio is Wakanda the home of the Maumee Panthers. Physical education starts early on Thursdays for men of the Black Swamp

Maumee High School


  1. Woodstock

    3F’s, Mission, Principles, Disclaimer.

    PAX: Lyman, Lonzo, Stalker, Isosceles, Meatloaf, Woodstock

    QiC: Woodstock

    The End of 2020, a year in review…

    EMOM – 2 burpees, each round is about 4 minutes. Warmup – run, SSH.

    January: Australian Wildfires, Covid outbreak in China, Kobe dies
    – 5 HRPU, 5 bonnie blair (2 is 1), 5 spider mans (2 is 1)

    February: 1st US COVID death, Democratic primary shitshow, Ahmed Aubry
    – Suicides out and back. Last minute full length (cones setup by pullups) (5 cones)

    March: Coronavirus declared a national emergency, sports world halts, Breonna Taylor
    – 3 pullups, 6 merkins, 9 squats – repeat

    April: 1MM Covid cases worldwide, 2k US deaths / day, masks, Joe Biden,
    – Indian run, end at circle

    May: Murder Hornets, 300K worldwide deaths, Warp Speed, George Floyd, protests
    – Broad jump burpees across the circle. Ignore EMOM this round only.

    June: Trump photo-op, Seattle CHAD, Rayshard Brooks,
    – Merkin suicide ladder. Reset at base after completing – 3/6/9/12

    July: Ghislaine Maxwell, B1G/PAC-12 football, California 8K prisoner release, surge in D cities
    – 5 Austrian merkins, 10 dips, 10 prisoner squats

    August: California fires, Sturgis, B1G/Pac-12 again, Golden State Killer sentenced, Jacob Blake, Kenosha, Boseman
    – Fire drill (butt kicker/high knee/chop feet) – around circle each yells fire. All drop, roll right, merkin, roll left, merkin, back to feet.

    September: Dijon Kizzee, El Dorado fire, Oregon wildfires, LA cops ambushed, B1G/PAC-12 football (again), RBG dies, Amy Barrett, North Cali fires, Pres debate
    – Lineup in 3 lines, first wave runs to end cone. Next wave counts to 3 after they go, and follows. Same with last line. Reverse order back. (skipped for time)

    October: Trump gets Covid, mail in ballots, Lakers/Dodger
    – Mary – pax call out core exercise, leads cadence.

    November: elections, Alex Trebek, vaccine trials, Iraqi assassination,
    – Circle up – howling monkeys. Keep holding start position. First man does 10, then next, and so on. Continue throughout.

    December: vaccines rolled out in UK, US; Texas sues the US, EC confirms Biden,
    – Jack webbs to 5, 5 Lt Dan, 5 V-Ups (skipped for time)

    Ended with COT

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