Wakanda (Maumee High)

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Date(s) - 12/03/2020
5:30 am - 6:15 am

Site Q - Lonzo



Located in the heart of Maumee, Ohio is Wakanda the home of the Maumee Panthers. Physical education starts early on Thursdays for men of the Black Swamp

Maumee High School

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  1. Dec. 3, 2020
    “This is how we do it”

    PAX: Landslide, Lonzo, Doubtfire, Cooper, Isosceles, Rudy, Charlotte, Meatloaf, Lyman (Q)

    Clear skies, slight breeze at about 30-degrees. Started at 6:31 with F3 mission, core principles, and disclaimer.

    Warmup: 25 4-count Side-Straddle Hops in cadence.

    Counted off by twos. Ones started at Station 1 and Twos started at Station 3 to allow us to spread out a little. Proceeded through four stations (approx. 50yds. apart) with 3 sets at each and movements in between. Tried a new movement, the Merkin Bunny (holding block on ends, swing it as far out in front as possible, drop and do a Merkin, hop legs up next to block, repeato til miserable). Proved to be exhausting, will use again.

    Station 1:
    15 Block Squats
    15 Block Calf Raises
    15 Lt. Dans
    Repeato x3
    Rifle-carry Block to Station 2

    Station 2:
    15 Tricep Dips
    15 Curls
    15 Bent-Over Rows
    Repeato x3
    Lunge-walk with block to Station 3

    Station 3:
    15 Freddy Mercuries 2:1
    15 Big Boi Sit-ups
    15 Block flutterkicks 2:1
    Repeato x3
    Rifle-carry block to Station 4

    Station 4:
    15 Merkins
    15 Block Press
    15 Carolina Dry Docks
    Repeato x3
    Merkin Bunny to Station 1

    Ended with:
    Six was Rudy. Shared about how he had a stroke earlier this year and F3 keeps him consistently exercising. Inspiring story!
    Ended in prayer, mostly for those affected by Covid.

    Great to see some new faces! Truly an honor to lead these HIM.

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