The Suck!

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Date(s) - 03/08/2021
5:30 am - 6:15 am

Site Q - Huckleberry


Due to the increases in the Covid-19 and local advisories we decided to bring back our virtual workouts. If you don’t feel safe meeting in person at our normal workouts participate in your yard, garage, basement or wherever you feel comfortable.

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  1. Thang

    Part 1/2:
    Sets: 20/20/20/10

    (T) T Merkin
    Plank Starting position. 4 Count. 1) Down 2) Arms out to your side pinching shoulder blades together 3) Hands back to Merkin position 4) Up.

    (B) Big Boy Situps

    (D) Dancing Bears
    Hands and feet on the ground, lift left leg and right arm to an uncomfortable height, then back on ground. Lift right leg and left arm to an uncomfortable height, return to the ground. Works great with a 4 count.

    (1 minute jog in place in between sets)


    Part 2/2
    Sets: 20/20/20/10

    (T) Travolta Merkins
    Picture Saturday Night Fever while doing Merkins. Start in plank. First move is a Merkin. 2nd move is right arm high. 3rd move is to reach under and across your body as far as you can. 4th move is to reach high again. 5th move is back to the Merkin. Flapjack with the left and then flapjack until you’re sick of singing “staying alive, staying alive”

    (B) Baryshnikovs
    4-count leg exercise, in which you lunge forward (1), hop straight up on opposite leg (2), lunge backward (3) and hop up straight again on opposite leg (4). Typically do set of, say, left-leg Baryshnikovs followed by set of right-leg Baryshnikovs.

    (D) Dolly
    Ab exercise done laying on back, legs raised about six inches from ground. Keeping legs parallel to ground, separate legs outward then return to start.

    (1 minute jog in place in between)

    Cool Down
    10 Side Lunges (5 each side)
    20 Count Quad Stretch (10 count each leg)
    10 Neck Rolls (5 each direction)
    10 Slow Bend Toe Touches
    10 Arm Circles (5 each direction)

    Q: Homeslice
    PAX: Ponzi, Stalker, Homeslice
    6: Stalker

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