The Smokehouse in Grand Rapids

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Date(s) - 11/20/2021
6:45 am - 7:45 am

Site Q - Smokey

The Smokehouse


Beautiful small town. Great beatdown opportunities. Meet at the playground next to the Old Fire Station.


One thought on “The Smokehouse in Grand Rapids

  1. Smokehouse Smokefest on 11/20/21

    PAX: Venom, Flo, HazMat, Crackshot, Lego, Coconut (Q)

    Intro: Mission and core principles, Disclaimer. Theme of the workout is ‘Fighting the Flux’ in recognition of our fallen brother, Red Ryder.

    Workout consisted of a mosey loop down to the sluice-gate and back to the city hall park, interrupted at several points by a FluX interlude.

    FluX = 55s Flutter Kicks, 5s rest, 55s X-factor, 5s rest.
    FluX was usually followed by two other exercises having inspirational names or themes.
    55s something 5s rest, 55s something else.

    Mosey to stop 1
    Stop 1: FluX + No surrenders + Imperial walkers
    Mosey to stop 2
    Stop 2: FluX + Step Ups + Merkins
    Bearcrawl across the bridge to stop 3
    Stop 3: FluX + Step Ups + Merkins
    Heavy work- grab a rock from the river to use for a coupon–
    55s overhead presses, 5s rest, 55s coupon squats, 5s rest. Repeato.
    Mosey to stop 4
    Stop 4: FluX + SSH + air squats
    Mosey to stop 5
    Stop 5: FluX + Treehugger + plank hold
    Mosey to stop 6
    Stop 6 (back at the park)
    No Surrenders + Step Ups + BBSU + Superman.

    COT with Crackshot as the 6. Nice things to say about Smokey (Smokey EH’d Crackshot with a welcoming salvo like: “hey you look dumpy and overweight, how about joining us for a workout?”). Crackshot was a competitive pistol shooter as a lad. Now a family man–dad of 2, and key member of the Grand Rapids PAX.

    Honor and a pleasure to lead!

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