The Smokehouse in Grand Rapids

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Date(s) - 05/22/2021
6:45 am - 7:45 am

Site Q - Smoky

The Smokehouse


Beautiful small town. Great beatdown opportunities. Meet at the playground next to the Old Fire Station.


One thought on “The Smokehouse in Grand Rapids

  1. Q: Crackshot

    PAX: Smokey, Merida, Hannibal, and Pita(FNG)

    Brother’s Keeper

    What we did

    4 rounds of exercises and 5 stations per round. Each round lasted 10 minutes with 2 minute breaks between rounds, and we switched stations when the person at station 1 completed their exercise.

    Round 1
    Station1 Rifle carry with block
    Station 2 mericans
    Station3 lunges with block
    Station 4 jab/cross
    Station 5 squats

    Round 2
    Station 1 rifle carry with block
    Station 2 bicycles
    Station 3 leg climbs
    Station 4 hook/uppercut
    Station 5 step ups with block

    Round 3
    Station 1 rifle carry with block
    Station 2 hammers
    Station 3 skaters
    Station 4 forward kick/donkey kick
    Station 5 big boys with block

    Round 4
    Station 1 rifle carry with block
    Station 2 scissors
    Station 3 v up rollup
    Station4 full combo (jab cross hook uppercut)
    Station 5 calf raises with block

    Finished with murder bunnies

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