One thought on “The Necropolis (Fort Meigs – Run)

  1. 3 Fs, Mission, Principles covered by ISO.
    12 PAX: Mile High, Van Gogh, Wicked, Bourbon, Coconut, Spaulding, Stark, Landslide, Patriot, Dutch, Fossil, and Woodstock (QiC)

    Brief warmup stretch and YHC talking about the plan to attempt a large, diverse pace group Fartlek. YHC explained what a fartlek run is and how it can be beneficial. Coconut led an easy warmup run to Ft Meigs School/Rivercrest Park, where we circled and YHC went over the plan. YHC clocked a a little over 2.75 miles on the fartlek, 1.25 to the school and 1,25 back, and then some bonus laps. Total of 5.86 miles, near training pace, and a 7:06 mile in there to boot.

    For those reading and not sure what a Fartlek is – it is a mixed pace interval run of random distances designed to incorporate high intensity work and muscle confusion. This is an alternative to a fixed interval/stride workout. For example, we warmed up for 1.25 miles, then YHC picked 2 points (start point was a telephone pole, end point was where the walking path crossed a driveway) approx 100Y apart, and PAX all push hard for that distance. You then dial it down to a walk/jog for a bit, then pick back up to a run, then YHC picked the next start/stop points for a sprint. The distances you pick should vary – 40 yards, 400 yards, 100 yards, etc. sprints are all in, and recovery is important – you should be seeing your HR spike in the top end of zone 5 (180+) and then try and use the walking/jog to recover to the 130-140 range (or lower) before picking back up the run. Run should hold the HR at that 130-140 range throughout, and then sprints take it back to the top. Fartleks really help with VO2 max training and endurance training in general as you can really pile on the pain.

    Target total pace EVEN WITH RECOVERY should be at or below your normal training pace, otherwise you are not pushing your sprints hard enough or long enough, or you are taking longer to recover. Try and keep pushing on these!

    I encourage all run Q’s to really get nasty on run Q’s – a flat run now and then is ok, but you can do more!

    Closed out in the COT with the ruckers. Beautiful day, great group, hard push.

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