The Levy – Run (Commodore Building)

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Date(s) - 06/08/2021
5:30 am - 6:15 am

Site Q - Coconut

The Levy


Tuesday runs are thriving right in the heart of Perrysburg at the Commodore Building. This will open up many new routes for all runners to “enjoy” with our run leader Coconut.

The Levy

One thought on “The Levy – Run (Commodore Building)

  1. Q: Meatloaf
    PAX: Jennay, Coconut, Spaulding, Stark

    Warm up run to Woodlands Park

    Worked on “Negative Splitting” – progressively increasing speed and decreasing mile times, or splits.
    Example: in a 5k, your second mile should be faster than your first, and your third mile faster than your second. This prevents you from going out too fast and biting too much fuel in the tank too early.

    At Woodlands, we ran the big loop 3 times, equating the loop to be ~.87mile.

    We all successfully ran quicker than we planned, some completed the negative split, some stayed even, NOBODY went slower.


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