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F3 Black Swamp | June 19, 2024

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The Gauntlet (Rivercrest Park)

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Date(s) - 10/18/2021
5:30 am - 6:15 am

Site Q - Lego

The Gauntlet


Bootcamp style workout. Huge AO! 1/2 mile and .9 mile track. 2 Large pieces of playground equipment for pullups and hanging exercises. Over half a dozen soccer and lacrosse fields. The possibilities are endless for your Monday beatdowns!

The First Monday of each month will be a Murph workout in honor of Lt. (SEAL) Michael Murphy.

The Gauntlet in the Gloom


  1. Coconut

    Backblast for the Gauntlet on 10/18/21

    PAX: Geppetto, Bellhop, Venom, Landslide, Mile High, Baretta, Whammo, Lego, Ringo, Doubtfire, Malware, Oil Change, Coconut (Q)

    Intro: Mission and Core Principles, Brief mosey to the opposite corner of the parking lot where things were set up for…dun dun duhhhhnnnnn!!!!

    This workout is modeled–respectfully–after the Murph. During Covid of 2020, Black Swamp did a number of virtual workouts where pax would call into a zoom and workout each in his driveway or patio. Not being able to assemble with a running track and pull-up bar, this was developed as a compact way to still get totally smoked.
    Today’s was a little bit abbreviated version of the LURB, limited by the time. It would usually be 6 minutes jumprope at beginning and end, and 20 sets–regardless the time it takes.
    Nevertheless, 28 minutes on repeato of Lurb sets is a grind on the core and legs. If pax make it to 20 sets in 28 minutes, it would be a total of 100 absolutions, 200 big boyz, and 300 Lt. Dans.

    Since we needed to keep the workout, with beginning and end circle time to 45 min. Today we did:
    Set an EMOM timer (4 minutes).
    Round 1–Jumprope
    Rounds 2-8–Sets
    Round 9–Jumprope

    Sets consist of:
    5 Absolutions
    10 Big Boy Sit Ups
    15 Lt. Dans

    Modifications: Plank Jacks or PJST for Absolutions, LBC or leg lever for Big boyz, Squat or Bonnie Blair for Lt. Dan.

    Pax really went after it, and mumble chatter was pretty sparse, but not completely absent. The QIC will have to come up with something harder 😉

    Circle of Trust:
    COR, NOR (Baretta 6), Announcements, short prayer.

    Honored to start off the week with a dozen guys, taking the DRP.

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