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F3 Black Swamp | June 16, 2024

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The Gauntlet (Rivercrest Park)

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Date(s) - 09/28/2020
5:30 am - 6:15 am

Site Q - Huffy

Rivercrest Park


Bootcamp style workout. Huge AO! 1/2 mile and .9 mile track. 2 Large pieces of playgroup equipment for pullups and hanging exercises. Over half a dozen soccer and lacrosse fields. The possibilities are endless for your Monday beatdowns!

The First Monday of each month will be a Murph workout in honor of Lt. (SEAL) Michael Murphy.


  1. Matt Yarder

    QIC – Stark
    PAX – Geppetto, Isosceles, Shawshank, Spaulding, Meatloaf, Bourbon, Peach, Huffy, TuPac, Coconut, Vila, Enron, Ringo, Popeyes

    The Thang
    TOP GUN Workout (Thanks FiA)

    In Cadence warm up to show a few new moves: Narrow Squat Twist, Raggedy Anns, Plank Moguls

    !0 min EMOM workout
    Rotate through 10 reps of 5 different exercises on repeato. Every minute on the minute you hit a danger zone exercise then get back into the work you left off.

    Round 1 – Legs
    10 reps each of:
    – Jump Squats
    – Alternateing Runners Lunge
    – Raggedy Anns
    – Narrow Squat Twist
    Danger Zone – 2 Lt. Dangers

    Then to get a little cardio in we ran our flight path. 5 mountain climbers to rev up our engines then lap around the parking lot for a fly by and end with 5 burpees

    Round 2 – Core
    – V-Ups
    – Rosalitas
    – Leg Levers
    – Plank Moguls
    – Kick Throughs
    DZ – 2 reps of 8 Count Body Builders

    No time for another fly by so we did a 6 min round of arms
    Round 3 – Arms
    – Mike Tysons
    – Carb Kicks
    – Declined Merkins
    – Carolina Dry Docks
    – Lying Tricep Press

    COR, NOR and Peach was the Six with a great message of the glue the Iorn Pax brought to the Black Swamp once again this year. Prayers for our county, Life Saver in FiA and her family, and Little Katelyn and her fight with cancer.

    Alway an Honor
    Always My Pleasure

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