The Foundry (Gateway Middle School)

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Date(s) - 11/29/2021
5:30 am - 6:15 am

Site Q - Barney

The Foundry


The beautiful track and football field make this a great AO to push your limits.

1st Mondays – Open Q. Bring whatever you’ve got.

2nd and 3rd Mondays – Challenge Days. We will repeat this Q next month to seek to improve our score

4th Mondays – Open Q with emphasis on running/track.

The Foundry

One thought on “The Foundry (Gateway Middle School)

  1. PAX: Meatloaf, Doubtfire, Lyman, Rudy, Fat Thor, Coconut, Barney, Van Gogh, Woodstock, Dropout, Isosceles, Lonzo-Q
    Surprise Warmup. Bear crawl a lap (400m). Then 20 SSH, 20 Monkey Humpers, thanks to Nettle on those.
    The Thang:
    Complete the following exercises with running a lap after exercise is finished. Then move onto next exercise.
    100 Merkins
    90 Calf raises
    80 Flutterkicks 2 is 1
    70 Squats
    60 Big Boi situps
    50 Bonnie Blairs 1 is 1
    40 Jack Webs 1 to 10 and 4 to 40
    30 Burpees
    20 Lt. Dans
    10 Absolutions
    Van Gogh might have made it to the Burpees.
    The 400 meter bear crawl was a little tougher than expected and took a while for PAX to finish.
    COT, Coconut was the 6 and he mentioned how each beatdown makes him better for the rest of the day, for family and forr work.
    Announcements: Mosaic donations and help needed, 5k challenge is on.
    Prayers for Barney’s family with the loss of his grandmother and his grandfather getting better, prayers for Apollo one of the FNG’s struggling at home.
    It was an honor to lead

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