The Fortress (Grace Church)

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Date(s) - 01/08/2022
6:30 am - 7:30 am

Site Q - Spaulding

The Fortress


Boot camp style workout. At Woodland Park. Two large Playgrounds, Frisbee Golf Course, 1 Mile Dirt Track, HUGE Field.  Plenty of space here to craft a diabolical smokefest for even the strongest PAX.

Park at Grace Church off of East Boundary Drive.

SATURDAYS always followed up with 2nd F (fellowship) at Lamplight Cafe and Bakery located at 121 W. Indiana ave. Great opportunity to get to know members of F3 Black Swamp and refuel from the workout.

Fortress Beatdown


One thought on “The Fortress (Grace Church)

  1. QIC – Stark
    PAX – Geppetto, Raven, Flo, Huckleberry, Bourbon, Jennay, Oil Change, Landslide, Coconut, Van Gogh, Spaulding

    The “Double Cross”
    Setup Cones in an X. Diagonals approx. 50 yards apart. Ends About 25 yards.

    The THANG: “Movement” across top of the X, Perform work at other end, SPRINT the X shape across the diagonal to far cone, bear crawl across bottom of X, perform work, run down diagonal, lather rinse and repeato! But the catch, each time you perform work you add 2 reps. Ladder up! Oh and you have a partner starting at opposite end of the X and race to the middle!

    (3) 15 min rounds
    Round One “Surf and Smurf”
    At each of the 2 Work Stations you perform:
    Surfer Get Ups and Smurf Jacks. Start with 2 Surfers and 12 Smurf Jacks. The 4 and 14, 6 and 16, so on
    Movement – Bear Crawls

    Round Two “Ass Slap’n and Hand Clap’n”
    At each of the 2 Work Stations you perform:
    Ass Slap’n and Hand Clap’n Merkins and Ass Slap’n and Hand Clap’n Squats. Start with 2 Reps of Each, then ad 2 reps each time.
    Movement – Lunge Walks

    Round Three “Burp-solution”
    This one was just silly. 2 Burpees and 2 Absolutions at the work stations.
    Movement – Burpee Broad Jumps

    COR, NOR, Spaulding was the six. Cold, but dang fine morning to be out here. Geppetto with the Tclaps. When all of us were dogging it on the sprints across the diagonals, he ripped through his sprints on the first round. After that, we ALL picked up our game on the Sprints.

    Always an Honor
    Always a Pleasure

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