The Commons (Levis Commons)

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Date(s) - 05/10/2022
6:15 pm - 7:00 pm

Site Q - Charmin

The Commons (Levis Commons


Bootcamp style workout. Group will meet at the Clock Tower on Levis Commons Blvd. The Clock Tower is located in the traffic circle near Funny Bone Comedy Club. Also a great night for some fellowship. The PAX typically head out for some second F at one of the nearby establishments.

The Commons

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  1. Tues 6:15p 5/10/22
    Release the Kraken
    Q – Charmin
    PAX – Heisenberg, Fossil, Chanel, Ponzi, Everest, Bonds,
    Mission: To plant, grow, and serve small men’s workout groups for the re-invigoration of male community leadership.
    5 Core Principles:
    1. All Men
    2. Free
    3. Outdoors
    4. Led in Rotating Fashion
    5. Ends in COT
    Exercises: 10min (45 sec each)
    1. 21’s – SSH X2 ( 14 burpees done)
    2. Ankle Tap to Toe Tap (kick out, touch opposite hand)
    3. Air squat with toe tap
    4. Plank Tuck Jacks
    5. Squats into Lunges (hop R, C, L)
    6. 3 Crisscrosses into walk-out Merkin
    7. Reverse Lunge into Twists (twist towards leg that was back and bring up knee)
    8. Lateral Hops (3 L, R, L) into Curtsy Lunge w/ kick out and opposite hand touch
    9. Summon the Kraken – Static Hold Knee Raise for 45sec – each leg, arms up
    10. Hip flexors – raise each knee as high as possible and hold for 1 sec (15 per side)
    11. Nordic Hamstring Curl (with partner, 5 each)
    12. Shadow Boxing
    13. Jacks – Arm raise while feet separate
    14. 10 – Kraken Burpees (3 hand release merkins)

    All On 6 – Core and Hip Flexor (legs over upright dumbbell)
    1. Leg spreader heel taps (dumb bell in middle)
    2. Double leg lift and switch
    3. Double leg Frog kick outs (R, C, L)
    4. Alternating leg lifts

    With Coupon (45 sec each)
    1. Cuban Press 10-15 reps x 3
    2. Swing DB into reverse lunge, squat, press both
    3. Snatch – chg. Hands
    4. Standing Toe Taps to DB
    5. Plank Taps
    6. Thrusters
    Bomb Bench Workout (Kraken’s Lair)
    1. One-legged stand into lunge
    2. Incline plank on elbows to hands
    3. Side plank (bring knee to elbow)
    4. Reverse crunch – hands at butt (RL, LL, both) – bring knee to chest
    5. Step up and switch legs with twist
    6. Hold DB overhead, lift knee over DB on bench

    Prayer Intentions – Ponzi co-worker, Bonds unspoken request, Ukraine refugees, all Military personnel

    Always a pleasure and an honor!

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