One thought on “The Battlefield (The Shops at Fallen Timbers)

  1. PAX: Isosceles, Mercy, Bongo, Lavar, Lonzo, Patriot
    Q: smokey

    The thang:

    Meal time

    it was simple today i had 9 stations around the mall each person had to ruck or run to each one and it was repeato for the whole time of the BD.

    Jed’s – 20 Lt. dans
    Subway – 20 Pickle pounders
    Red robin – 20 SSH
    Great american cookie – 20 BBS
    Pretzel maker – 20 monkey humpers
    Shirley’s popcorn – 20 squats
    Beer barrel – 20 burpees
    P. F. changs – 20 merkins
    Granite city – 20 carolina dry docks

    in the COT we talked announcements which where the river x event coming up, the cooler crawl, and and the black ops in Grand rapids on June 6th. After that we closed out prayer praying for the day and that everyone can go about it safely.

    as always it was a honer to lead these great men


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