One thought on “The Battlefield (The Shops at Fallen Timbers)

  1. PAX: Bongo, Mercy, Woodstock, TuPac, Lonzo. Virtual: Huckleberry
    Q: Isosceles

    The Thang: 45 minute beatdown

    Run around theatre for warm up

    Start Workout, circle up in grassy area
    First exercise is “Windmill” Starting position….move, in cadence, exercise start counting
    Rocket Squats
    Pickle Pounder Merkins
    Box Cutters (4 is 1)

    Run to Rocky Grass area

    Wall Jumps (virtual guys do jump squats)
    Decline merkins
    Dirty hookups
    Next exercise is “21s”, Starting position….move, in super secret ninja cadence, exercise start counting
    Punishment is 5 burpees

    2 Minute Mediatation on the Bridge (focus on sound)

    Run to Pull up Area

    Push and Pull Station: ½ guys do australian pull ups and other ½ do merkins, then switch
    Stationary Ape Hops
    Absolutions (8 count)
    High Knees (OYO)
    Inch Worms (8 count)


    Countarama, namarama, 6, announcements, prayers

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