The Battlefield (Shops at Fallen Timbers)

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Date(s) - 11/28/2020
6:30 am - 7:30 am

Site Q - Mercy

The Battlefield


Boot camp style workout at the Shops at Fallen Timbers. Group will meet next to the movie theater. Easy access to the Wabash Cannonball Trail for some running or rucking. Also, plenty of blacktop to make use of, not to mention a little green space across from the theater.

The Battlefield

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  1. Goodbye Food Coma


    PAX-Fat Amy, Lonzo, Simmons, Bourbon, Footloose, Wall-E, Shawshank, Lyman, Meatloaf

    Warm up with a jog around the theater

    As a group, we did three sets of ten, three count merkins. In between each set, we planked through a ten count. We then did six inches as a group, counting to 25, resting for 5, counting to 50, resting for 5, counting to 75, resting for 5, counting to 100, resting for 5, then the same sequence back down to 25. We did the same thing next but with planks. Then we did wall sits with the same sequence.

    After wall sits we did 50 yards of bear crawls, 10 burpees, then 50 yards of crawl bears back.

    Then we broke into teams of 5 and did a team relay medley consisting of bear crawls, crab walks, crawl bears, lunge walks, sprints between cones spread roughly 7 yards apart. At the end, we did 5 burpees, then sprinted all the way back to the start. The team members not actively moving were doing merkins.

    We then did twenty, ten count inch worms with a merkin as a group followed by ~5 minutes of flutter kicks and penguins to wrap things up.

    Ended in COT with Bourbon as the “6”. He talked about developing true friendships through F3, something he wasn’t able to do outside of F3.

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