One thought on “Maumee High School

  1. The Site: Wakanda
    The Q: Lavar
    The PAX: Woodstock, Lyman, FNG (Fraction), Simmons, Landslide, Meatloaf, Footloose, Rudy, Lonzo, Tupac

    The Thang “Pyramids”
    4 cones approximately 5-7 yards apart. We rifle carried our cinder blocks from the shovel flag to cone #1. At cone #1, we did 4 core exercises, LBC’s, Freddie Mercuries, American Hammers (2 is 1 with the block), and then Penguins (aka Toe Touchers). We started with 2 LBC’s, then 4 FM’s, then 6 AH’s, then 8 Penguins, and so on up to 20 and then down by 2’s from 20 to 2. Great core burn. When finished, you had to stand up with your block extended over your head. Then rifle carry the block to cone #2. At cone #2, same rep sequence but we focus on chest with merkins, decline merkins, incline merkins, then block chest presses. Rifle carry to cone #3. Same rep sequence except focus was on legs. We did squats, 2 is 1 lt dan’s, monkey humpers, and stationary 2 is 1 lunges. Onto the final cone where we had to cut it short due to the time. We did 10 manmaker burpees followed by 10, 4 is 1 mountain climbers.

    In the COT Simmons was the 6. The camaraderie and the push keep him coming back. He is just a week away from his 1 year anniversary! Our FNG was named fraction as he is the 10th out of 11 kids. Toledo native who was homeschooled but is now working as an engineer at Pilkington.

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