One thought on “Maumee High School

  1. QIC – Stark
    PAX – Lonzo, Footloose, Slurpee, Flo, Buttermaker, Chalupa, Isosceles, Mercy, Beaker, Coconut, Dropout, Simmons, Bongo, Coho, Woodstock, Meatloaf

    The Thang – The T’Challa Shufflr

    A little “See ya when I see ya” concept kudos to Momma Moose (FiA and my M)
    Partner up. Perform workout set then run around grassy knoll. Wherever you meet your partner around the loop that is where you perform next set/ Then turn and go back the other way and meet partner back on other side of loop. The faster PAX will get more distance and push each other to stay equal on the run as much as possible.

    Workout sets at each meeting were a pyramid of the following themed workouts for the new “Wakanda” AO

    1-Panther Pushup (Yes I know we call them Merkins but it doesn’t have the alliteration sound)
    2-Jaguar Jumps (aka surfer get ups) Which by unanimous response were a killer new move
    3-Cougar Crunches, a V-up but instead of a V crunch you bring knees and elbows together like a kitty cat playing with a ball on a strong.

    10, 20, 30
    Repeat Level 10 and come back donw.

    Most teams only got to about 10 as the max. The surfer get ups were like a sneaky harder burpee move. Blasted the core more then anyone excepted. **Thanks FiA Toledo Southside**

    COR, NOR, Chalupa was the six, prayers for our schools, kids, and teachers as they try and figure out the best solution for this crazy 2020 school year and COVID’s impact. Prayers for Geppetto and his dad’s open heart surgery recovery.

    Thanks to Simmons and Beaker for coming down from F3 Toledo

    Always an Honor
    Always My Pleasure

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