One thought on “Smokehouse in Grand Rapids

  1. Q: Smokey

    We did two rounds of this

    ABCs at the light post
    Bear crawl to swings
    25 Australian pull UPS
    Ap walk to bush
    25 American hammers
    Alligator merkins to tree
    25 Monkey humpers
    Karaoke to bridge
    25 Carolina dry dock
    Mosey to the back corner of townhall
    25 pickle ponders
    Lunge walk back to the light post
    Plank for 6

    We finished out the morning doing a lap around front street:

    10 if each going east
    Lamp post – merkins
    Tree – squats
    Trash can – burpees
    10 of each goin west
    Lamp post – air press
    Tree – lunge
    Trash can – SSH

    COT we prayed for merida and all the other teachers and students that are starting back to school and that they will have a smooth go.

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