One thought on “Smokehouse in Grand Rapids

  1. Pre-Ruck:
    Q: Mealoaf
    PAX: Hannibal

    Q: Meatloaf
    PAX: Hannibal, Smoky, Crackshot, Merida

    50 Austrailian Merkins
    100 Tricep Dips
    150 Imperial Walker (2 is 1)

    Ran a lap ~0.25 mile

    On the street we ran up and down the main block in town
    -Going out: at each light post do 5 squats
    -Coming back: 5 Side Straddle Hops

    Remaining Time: Dice Game

    1. 20 merkins
    2. 15 LT Dan’s
    3. 10 burpees
    4. 30 big boy situps
    5. 15 Carolina dry docks
    6. 40 air presses

    We did multiple of most, ironically (God graces us) – NO BURPEES

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