Rabbit Hole (Whitehouse Library)

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Date(s) - 04/08/2022
5:30 am - 6:15 am

Site Q - Fat Amy

Rabbit Hole


Come on out to our newest location added November 12, 2021 in beautiful Whitehouse, Ohio. This beatdown is the first Friday beatdown in the Black Swamp region.

Opening day crew in the Gloom:

Rabbit Hole Opening Day Crew

One thought on “Rabbit Hole (Whitehouse Library)

  1. Quore at the Quorey

    Q: Doubtfire
    Point Break
    Steve Timms F3 Patch Adams (EH’ed by Mr. Anderson)

    Given the fact that the Q suffered a a broken metatarsal bone a few days beforehand, YHS decided to introduce the pax to what it means to heavily modify a workout due to a physical limitation. We moseyed to the outcrop of rock at the edge of the quarry and did a number of exercises that required no impact to the foot and was mostly core exercises. The following is a list of exercises we performed:
    Freddie Mercuries
    Star fish sit ups
    Never surrenders
    Potato pickers
    High plank
    Low plank

    We return moseyed to the shovel flag and commenced our COT.

    Manchester demo’ed what the 6 does so that our FNG would know the routine.
    We were back and forth between the names Orwell, Doublespeak, 1984, Big Brother and the one we eventually settled on: Patch Adams because he is a great listener and counselor who aspires to help people.

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