Rabbit Hole (Whitehouse Library)

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Date(s) - 12/17/2021
5:30 am - 6:15 am

Site Q - Doubtfire

Rabbit Hole


Come on out to our newest location added November 12, 2021 in beautiful Whitehouse, Ohio. This beatdown is the first Friday beatdown in the Black Swamp region.

Opening day crew in the Gloom:

Rabbit Hole Opening Day Crew

One thought on “Rabbit Hole (Whitehouse Library)

  1. 12/17/21 – Rabbit Hole
    “Mountain Climbers”

    PAX – Rudy, Fat Amy, Doubtfire, Stark, Heisenberg, Manchester, Apollo, Landslide, Footloose, Barney (Q)

    Today, the PAX moseyed back to the hill, and practiced our Mountain Climbers.

    We began with Himalayans(?), and Merkins in cadence, with planks in between.

    We climbed the hill, and did more cadence work with Rudy Merkins, and Mountain Climbers.

    We then ran down the back side of the hill, and around to the front of the hill with a “Lyman inspired Indian Run.”

    This whole process was put on repeato, with Pickle Pounders, Glute Squeezin’ Mountain Climbers(AKA Badonkadonks), and maybe another plank position workout.

    The PAX attempted to climb the Rabbit Hole, but we thwarted when the way proved too treacherous due to the wet leaves, and muddy landscape. So, obviously, the PAX climbed the mountain again, and went down the Rabbit Hole.

    We finished with an ab circle, and COT – Manchester was the 6 on his second time out.

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