Grantland (Rotary Park)

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Date(s) - 05/18/2022
5:30 am - 6:15 am

Site Q - Huckleberry



The site is huge! Tennis courts, pavilion with picnic benches, parking lots, fields, small hill, and a gravel track . Also coming soon an all inclusive playground that we helped raise money for. This site has so many different options for a fun beatdown. Join us every Wednesday!

Pavilion at Rotary Park

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  1. Backblast for Grantland 5/18/22

    PAX(11): Fossil, Huckleberry, Coconut(Q), Soda Pop, Geppetto, Bourbon, Venom, Callahan, Falling Water, Fat Thor, Moana

    Intro: Mission and Core Principles–Warmup
    Side Straddle Hops and Chain Breakers in cadence

    Thang: Mosey to the tennis courts for “Pick your Poison”
    Workout area use the entire 5 tennis courts fenced area. on each court, a cone was placed on the two corners of one long edge. PAX assembled by the net and then one PAX (rotating in age order) chose which end of the court to sample from. Mosey as a group to the cone and uncover a page with 3 directives: Reps, Move, Hold. At the corner of the tennis court, perform the reps, then perform the move to get to the net of the next adjacent court, then perform the hold for the 6.

    Court 1:
    A-corner 5 Burpees, BearCrawl, Treehugger
    B-corner 5 Lt. Dans, LungeWalk, Plank
    Court 2:
    A-corner 10 partner big-boys, partner Elephant walk, rest
    B-corner 10 partner taps (shoulder taps + low 5s), crawl bear, Crab Walk pose
    Court 3:
    A-corner 15 Archer Merkins (2 is 1), Imperial Walk, Treehugger
    B-corner 15 Bonnie Blair (2 is 1), Duck Walk, Treehugger
    Court 4:
    A-corner 20 Flutter Kicks, Ape Hop (L), Plank
    B-corner 20 American Hammer, Ape Hop (R), Treehugger
    Court 5:
    A-corner 25 squats, Dragon Walk, Plank
    B-corner 25 Angle Grinders, Dragon Walk, Plank.

    Then Karaoke back to the start and begin again.

    PAX completed 3 circuits
    1: B, A, A, A, B
    2: A, B, B, A, B
    3: A, A, A, B, A

    COT with Venom as the 6.

    Honor and a privilege to lead in this group!

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