2 thoughts on “Field Of Dreams (Rolf Park)

  1. Pax: Mercy, Popeyes, Beretta, gepetto, Raven, Ringo, Tupac, meatloaf, Isosceles, Spaulding, Bourbon, Woodstock

    QiC Woodstock

    2 minutes of Merkins
    2 minutes of BBSU

    Can we do anything for 8 minutes and 46 seconds?

    Run 8:46

    America is an idea, a shining beacon of hope and liberty. NOT of promises but of a promise. Not of guaranteed safety but liberty. We didn’t become a great nation by cowering in fear or backing down from challenges, but by stepping into those challenges and facing our fears. We will not overcome today’s issues but hunkering down or hoping for some magic bean from heaven to fix it, nor will it be up to our government to fix. We must be the change. Govt has but one way of effecting change, and that is force. Force is a decent action motivator but is a terrible heart, mind and soul changer.

    25 merkins

    I don’t know racism, I am not in a group that typically is not discriminated against. I do know anger. Anger comes in 2 varieties – the kind that Burns white hot briefly and goes away like a car crash. For example – 25 thrusters go.

    The other kind is the slow burn from a progression of events, actions, interactions, and wrongs done to you. For example:

    15 Merkins
    Curls 20
    Repeat EMOM for 10 minutes

    We are not a very diverse group – that is not by choice or design, but by association. What can we do to bring forth change in our communities and our lives? I don’t think any if us are closet racists or bigots, but as a group what can we do to lead the conversations? What can we do to fight isms at home, in our community?

    Hold plank for 2:12
    (Plan was to do 6″ hold for 2:11, then repeat to equal 8:46)

    Cor, nor, 6.

    Discussion was engaging and honest. I wish we had recorded the whole thing. Thank you all for being there!

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