One thought on “Field Of Dreams (Rolf Park)

  1. Bricks and Balls Beatdown
    Mile High
    Huffy (Q)
    Its been a long time since I did a back blast but here goes. We started out with what F3 is, the Mission Statement, core values, and the counterama. We did a quick warm up, (side straddle hops, chain breakers, and 10 burpees) and got to work. With 12 was spread out to 2 parking lot islands. We had 2 lines 15 yards apart. On 1 side cinder blocks and on the other basketballs (no sharing). We bear crawled to the cinder blocks and did 16 curl/overhead presses with the cinder blocks and bear crawled to the basketballs and did 1 basketball merkin. We decreased 1 curl press and increased 1 B-Ball Merkin each round. I called it at 6:55 (20 minutes into the work) and we switched up to 20 yards apart 10 Liutenent Dans, broad jumps to the basketballs, 1 Diamond B-Ball Merrkin, shuffle back. We did this till 6:10 and ended in the circle of trust. Did the Counterama / Namerama. Woodstock was the 6.He talked about how he missed the beatdowns due to the Corona Virus Quarantine, and how he needs this group in his life to push and motivate him, and so he can just enjoy the gloom. We went through announcements and prayers and headed on our way. I am honored to lead the PAX today. Even though the beatdown was borderline brutal, everyone pushed it to the best of their ability. Awesome job Brothers!!

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