One thought on “Field Of Dreams (Rolf Park)

  1. As F3 Toledo celebrated its 3 year anniversary, YHC felt it was the perfect time to launch the newest region in F3 Nation! The Perrysburg and Maumee AO’s are joining forces to become the F3 Black Swamp Region!! Here’s what went down:

    Date: May 13, 2020
    Time: 0530
    Weather: Upper 30’s, partly cloudy skies, minimal wind = Nice!

    PAX: Woodstock, Tupac (Respect), Geppetto, El Chapo, Ozzie, Stark, Isoceles, Mayor, Ticket, Bourbon, Danica, Trinity, The Colonel, Mercy, Lonzo, Brita, Bambi, Smokey, Jennay, Bongo, Landslide (Respect), Hannibal, Mile High, Berreta (Hate), Ringo (Hate), Popeyes, Raven, Huffy, Flo (Respect, Respect)

    QIC: Klinger

    -5 Core Principles

    Warm Up:
    SSH x 20 IC
    Ski Jumper x 15 IC
    Windmill x 10 IC
    Cross Country Skier x 15 IC

    YHC split the group into 4 teams and PAX stayed with their teams for the entire beatdown. Stations were set up around the parking lot and teams rotated through the stations every 7 minutes.

    Station 1: Upper Body, led by Woodstock
    -15 Hand Release Merkins, then bear crawl 5 yards to first cone
    -10 Merkins, 30 air presses, then bear crawl to next cone
    -10 Merkins, 20 resisted bicep curls/arm, then bear crawl to next cone
    -10 Merkins, 30 lateral raises, then bear crawl to next cone
    *believe there were 2 more sets of 10 Merkins and another exercise but can’t remember what they were!

    Station 2: Cardio, led by Stark
    -7 burpees followed by suicide run to series of 5 cones covering aproximately 50 yards
    -repeat of same with burpees followed by karaoke and running

    Station 3: Lower Body, led by Geppetto
    -11’s with squats on one end and calf raises on the other
    -Lunge walk down and duck walk on the way back

    Station 4: Core, led by Flo
    -7 core exercises done for 1 minute each: Sit-ups, LBC’s, bridge, superman, and 3 more that YHC can’t remember!

    -Had the PAX line up in rows with 6 ft between everyone
    -Announcement was made about the formation of F3 Black Swamp
    -The Colonel shared some thoughts about F3 in the Toledo area
    -Geppetto introduced as Nant’an
    -Nameorama (YHC almost forgot!)
    -Prayer led by Geppetto

    Awesome morning and great to see the excitement for the new Region! Looking forward to many great things from F3 Black Swamp!!

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