Field Of Dreams (Rolf Park)

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Date(s) - 01/05/2022
5:30 am - 6:15 am

Site Q - Lyman


Large park with running paths, soccer fields, playground, and parking lot for what can be an epic boot camp style beatdown!

Field Of Dreams

One thought on “Field Of Dreams (Rolf Park)

  1. Welcome
    F3 Mission & Core Principles
    PAX: Rudy, Meatloaf, Woodstock, Van Gogh, Lyman (QIC)

    Conditions: windy and about 35 degrees.

    Warmup: Motivators (10 to 1)

    The Thang: Barney was supposed to inflict some cinder block torture on us, but messaged yours truly about 5am and asked for help filling in. It appears he caught some sickness from his son. I kept the block theme and threw together a few rounds of 11s: do 10 of first exercise, go 20yds via specified movement, do 1 of second exercise. Go back to start, do 9 and 2, 8 and 3, etc.

    1: Goblet squats & Thrusters, move via Murder Bunny
    Run Lap
    2: Big Boy Sit-ups with block & Overhead Presses, move via Lunge Walk
    Run Lap
    3: Curls & Bent-over Rows, move via Rifle Carry
    Run Lap

    The Murder Bunnies ate up a lot of time, so we cut Round 1 short and ended up getting part way through Round 2 before time was up.

    Van Gogh was the Six
    Ended in Prayer.

    Glad to help out, hoping Barney gets better quickly!

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