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F3 Black Swamp | June 20, 2024

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Field of Dreams (Rolf Park)

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Date(s) - 02/03/2021
5:30 am - 6:15 am

Site Q - Meatloaf

Field of Dreams


Large park with running paths, soccer fields, playground, and parking lot for what can be an epic boot camp style beatdown!


  1. Landslide

    We had 13 wonderful young men attend our beatdown this morning. They were Josh Woodstock Brown, Josh Lonzo Hoot, Billy Hannibal Stark, Alec Meatloaf Falkenberg,
    Rick Huckleberry Thielen, Joe Charlotte Parker, Daniel Mile High Cordova, Noah Berretta Cordova, Jeff Spaulding Lonsbrough, Kevin Popeyes Connors, Ben Rudy Hoipkemier,
    John Huffy Peer and the Q, Mark Landslide Trimble. Our beatdown went in a circle around the pool. There were three stations. At station one, the exercises with a block were 10 manmakers, 30 curls and 40 squats. At station two, the exercises were 30 big boy sit-ups, 20 merkins and 30 american hammers. At the third station, we did 10 pull ups, 40 dips and 20 decline merkins. To aid in social distancing, we broke up into 3 groups. We ended the workout in circle of trust.

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