Field of Dreams (Rolf Park)

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Date(s) - 01/13/2021
5:30 am - 6:15 am

Site Q - Meatloaf

Field of Dreams


Large park with running paths, soccer fields, playground, and parking lot for what can be an epic boot camp style beatdown!

One thought on “Field of Dreams (Rolf Park)

  1. 3F’s, Mission and Principles, Disclaimer.

    PAX: Bourbon, Gepetto, Stark, Meatloaf, Landslide, Huckleberry, Spaulding, Lyman, Lonzo, Mercy, Barney, Ringo, Popeyes, Rudy, Charlotte, Huffy, Moana, Fraction, Hannibal, Woodstock

    QiC: Woodstock

    Old School Recess games were always my favorite. We don’t have enough equipment (plus Covid) to play dodgeball yet – its coming! – so duck duck goose and red rover with some F3 modifications will have to do. Add in a crappy 90’s alt “rock” soundtrack and we got a fire beatdown in:

    Red Rover Red Rover:
    Line attacking holds plank. Line defending has to do 2 burpees before sender arrives to keep. if runner beats the burpees they return with one defender. If the runner does not beat the burpees they stay. Alternate turns, going left to right until one line has all pax or time.

    Duck Duck Goose:
    Spread out big circle.

    1st person counts off duck, duck goose. 3rd person always (not buyers choice) goose. It’s a race around the circle, first one back to the goose spot wins.

    If goose wins, everyone does 10 HR Merkins. If the duck wins, 5 HR Merkins.

    Rotate to 2nd/4th, 3rd/5th, etc

    While the 1st person is duck/duck/goosing, all hold plank or squat.

    Once goose is called, non-runners will rotate through Lt dan, jump squats, high knees, smurf jacks, butt kickers, and imperial walkers (from squat) or mtn climber, plank jacks, shoulder taps if planking.

    This was a lot of fun, some competitiveness, and a lot of work. Between 100 and 200 HR Merkins, a lot of burpees, and constant movement.

    Cannot WAIT for dodgeball, ring around the rosie, and others..

    COT – Meatloaf with a amazing 6, prayers up for Homeslice and Mile High.

    Nice work boys!

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