2.0 Workout

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Date(s) - 04/11/2021
2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Site Q - Biggie


On the Second Sunday of every month we will throw a 2.0 work out that is for the whole Family. Fun family based workouts will be created for some active family bonding. Workouts will be in different locations around the Black Swamp.

2.0 workouts

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  1. April 2021 Black Swamp 2.0 Workout
    AO: Sidecut Metropark

    PAX: Carebear (M-FNG, Hot dog, Vader, GOAT), Patch (M-FNG, Wanda, Nugget), Lonzo (M-Nettle, Spiderman, Black spider), Fat Amy (FNK-Super villain, Silver surfer), Biggie (Grand slam, Slushy, Kion), Catnip (FNK-Root beer), Stark (M-Mama moose, Shooting Star, Steamer), Lyman (M-Bookmark, Brick, Shield, Mario, Rubble)

    QIC: Lyman

    F3 Mission & Core Principles

    Warmup: rapid switching (at Qs instruction) between running in place, arm circles, flapping like a bird, toe touches

    The Thang:
    Rolled a large die to determine one of six exercises. Kids took turns rolling the die.

    1 – 10 Burpees
    2 – 25 Side-Straddle Hope
    3 – 20 Merkins
    4 – 20 Squats
    5 – 20 Small Arms Circles (20 fwd, 20 back)
    6 – 20 Donkey Kicks

    After each exercise, there was a race between 2.0s and parents, out to cones approx. 20yds away and back. Each race corresponded to an animal. PAX were encouraged to mimic a characteristic of each animal.

    Bear crawls – growl
    Frog jump – ribbit
    Bunny hops – make rabbit ears while hopping
    Crab walk – 2.0s allowed to pinch parents for an advantage
    Copperhead lunge – hands up to sides of heads and hiss
    Duck walk – quack

    Alternated rolling the die for exercises and racing parents vs. 2.0s. Each exercise was rolled, but Burpees were only rolled once. After twice through the races everyone had put some good work. Rain began so we all retreated to a nearby picnic shelter. Decided to start COT a little early, as some of the younger PAX were starting to grumble.

    Circle of Trust:
    Name-o-rama: welcome to FNKs Root Beer and Super Villain, and two FNG Ms (to be named at a FIA workout).
    Ended with Prayer

    Most stayed around to color encouragement signs for mile 23 of the upcoming Glass City Marathon. T-claps to the FIA ladies for supplying posters and markers.

    Humbled to lead a fine group of families today!


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