The Commons (Levis Commons)

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Date(s) - 11/03/2020
6:00 pm - 6:45 pm

Site Q - OK

The Commons


Bootcamp style workout. Group will meet at the Clock Tower on Levis Commons Blvd. The Clock Tower is located in the traffic circle near Funny Bone Comedy Club. Also a great night for some fellowship. The PAX typically head out for some second F at one of the nearby establishments.

The Commons

One thought on “The Commons (Levis Commons)

  1. On the Q: Houdini
    PAX: Hannibal, Shawshank, Charmin, Huffy, Chubbs, Tupac, Free Time, O.K., Nomad, Fallout, Luigi, Chanel, Nimbus,

    The Thang; Vote! Its the popular thing to do!

    Station work
    Reps based on the popular vote percentages from 5 elections in history where the winner lost the popular vote but won the election.

    Station 1 1824 Jackson vs. Adams
    42%-32% Adams won with an electoral margin of 15%
    42 LBCs
    32 Crunchy Frogs

    Station 2 1876 Tilden vs. Hayes
    50%-48% Hayes won with electoral margin of 1%
    50 Air Presses
    48 SSH

    Station 3 1888 Cleveland vs. Harrison
    49%-48% Harrison won with electoral margin of 65%
    49 Lunges 1 is 1
    48 Flutter Kicks

    Station 4 2000 Gore vs. Bush
    48.6%-47.4% Bush won with electoral margin of 5%
    48 Merkins
    48 Gas Pumps

    Station 5 2016 Clinton vs. Trump
    48%- 46% Trump won with electoral margin of 77%!
    48 Dips
    46 Imperial Walkers 1 is 1

    Six was Huffy

    “Push My Buttons Prayer” Rev. Austin Fleming

    Respectfully submitted,

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