The Yard (Rossford Marina)

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Date(s) - 12/09/2021
5:30 am - 6:15 am

Site Q - Raven

The Yard


This boot camp style workout site has it all. Hills, ramps, basketball courts, ball field, steps, playground, open space and a picturesque view of the mighty Maumee. There’s even a giant Black Swamp frog. The possibilities are endless.

The Yard

One thought on “The Yard (Rossford Marina)

  1. 12/9/2021 Down By The River

    F3 Mission & Core Principles
    PAX: Reset, Stark, Stalker, Flo, Hazmat, Better Offer, Doubtfire, Teenwolf (FNG), Raven, Lyman (QIC)

    Conditions: clear and about 30 degrees.

    Warmup: 20 Windmills in cadence; Motivators 10 to 1.

    The Thang:
    Split into two teams. Each individual completes the following ladder, which entails doing round 1, running to the end of the pier and back, do rounds 1 & 2, run a lap, do rounds 1, 2, & 3, run a lap, etc. Team members may pick up reps of other team members, so everyone runs the lap together. The team aspect gave just enough push to keep everyone moving the whole time.

    10 Burpees
    20 Bonnie Blairs 2:1
    30 Merkins
    40 LBCs
    50 Jack Squats (In honor of Chris Farley “Matt Foley” SNL sketch: squat while alternating lifting one leg behind on the up movement)
    60 Mountain Climbers 2:1
    70 Flutterkicks 2:1

    Better Offer was the Six
    Naming of the FNG: works in business with his brother. Business named Red Wolf, which we all agreed is way too cool for an F3 name, so the PAX agreed that Teenwolf seemed like a good alternative.
    End in Prayer

    Thankful for 9 guys who came out this morning. Thanks to Better Offer as the 6. Have a great day, men!


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