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F3 Black Swamp | June 19, 2024

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The Levy – Run (Commodore Building)

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Date(s) - 08/16/2022
5:30 am - 6:30 am

Site Q - Mile High

The Levy


Tuesday runs are thriving right in the heart of Perrysburg at the Commodore Building. There are many routes for runners of all speeds to “enjoy.”

The Levy


  1. Coconut

    Backblast for the Levy on 8/16/22

    PAX: Van Gogh, Venom, Jennay, Stark, Spaulding, Zildjan, Landslide, Fossil, FNG (Dovetail), Lyman, Doubtfire, Coconut (Q).

    YHC always has trouble sleeping the night before a big event. Why is a Tuesday run beatdown a big event, you ask? Because this was the final week of the 6w 5K-SEASON challenge. PAX have been putting in the work, and today it’s time for the payoff. So after waking up every half hour or so starting around 2, YHC had enough by 4 and decided to go chalk the course.

    A brief recap of things–
    Week 1 we ran the 5k to establish a baseline time.
    Week 2 we did aerobic base training–something a runner is *always* doing, but needs attention when building up to a goal.
    Week 3 was drills. running with good mechanics makes the effort more efficient
    Week 4 was strength/hills. pushing into a little bit of the anaerobic zone to challenge our bodies for growth
    Week 5 was speed. know what it feels like to run faster than race pace, and race pace will feel controlled.

    So here we are at week 6. repeat the same 5k as week 1.

    INTRO: Mission and core principles. Welcome our FNG.

    Warmup: 5th st to the water tower, left up to 7th, left over to Elm for the start.
    the 5k goes from 7th&Elm to 7th&Maple, then right down Maple to S. Boundary. Right and back over to Elm. Right and north on Elm back to the start. (big rectangle) Then right on 7th again, but this time just to Locust. Right onto Locust and down to Boundary again. Right, and Right on Elm again, and finish in front of Toth Elementary school. Having lots of extra time to set-up, arrows were placed at all the relevant corners, and the finish was marked clearly with a light.

    After the warmup, the start was a little chaotic, with Stark rabbiting out at a blistering pace before most of us had our watches on. but we all got going and set out to see what we could do.
    Guys pushed. Guys fought within themselves. Guys used their newfound skills. Guys improved.
    TClaps to the PAX who were there for all 6 weeks and earned themselves huge improvement.
    – Lyman, after a brief run-in with the 5-0 knocked ~2 min. off his original time, running completely solo.
    – Venom beat his baseline by over 3 minutes, pushing his performance convincingly under the 30-minute barrier!

    Several PAX made it for 4 or 5 of the sessions, and rounded things out today with great runs.

    We warmed down back to the Levy for COT where YHC had such a full heart from seeing guys crush it…had a hard time naming our FNG (Dovetail–does furniture making as a hobby). So honored and humbled to have been able to lead this informal season of run-training.

    COT-Landslide 6

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