The Levy – Run (Commodore Building)

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Date(s) - 07/19/2022
5:30 am - 6:30 am

Site Q - Mile High

The Levy


Tuesday runs are thriving right in the heart of Perrysburg at the Commodore Building. There are many routes for runners of all speeds to “enjoy.”

The Levy

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  1. The Levy on 7/19/2022

    PAX: Mile High, Jennay, Spaulding, Lyman, Venom, Fossil, Flo, Stark, Soda Pop, Meatloaf, Coconut (Q)

    F3 Mission: Fitness, Fellowship, Faith; To plant, serve and grow men’s small workout groups, in order to invigorate male community leadership

    Principles of F3:
    • It must be free of charge
    • It must be open to all men
    • It must be held outdoor, rain or shine, hot or cold
    • It must be peer led in a rotating fashion by men who participate in the workout, with no training or certification necessary
    • It must end with a Circle of Trust (COT)

    The Thang

    Week 2 of “5k Season” Aerobic base.

    Talked about how aerobic base is necessary for improvement in running performance, and how to train aerobic base–pushing HR into each individual’s aerobic zone. Any amount of time there is good, but up to ~35-40 minutes continuous in the aerobic zone gives ever-increasing returns.
    – Increase VO2Max–how efficiently your body extracts oxygen from the air each breath and transfers it to red blood cells
    – increased aerobic capacity–how increased oxygen and blood-flow to muscles lets them burn energy and provide power without going into oxygen deficit, where soreness is worse and power delivery can’t be sustained.

    Ran the Landslide Loop, with the target of maintaining ‘barely conversation pace’.

    Homework of putting in another base training run like this later in the week.

    COT–Mile High 6.

    SiteQ was passed from Mile High to Jennay.

    Coffeeteria by Mile High after.

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