The Battlefield (The Shops At Fallen Timbers)

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Date(s) - 03/05/2022
6:30 am - 7:30 am

Site Q - Footloose

The Battlefield


Boot camp style workout at the Shops at Fallen Timbers. Group will meet next to the movie theater. Easy access to the Wabash Cannonball Trail for some running or rucking. Also, plenty of blacktop to make use of, not to mention a little green space across from the theater.

The Battlefield

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  1. Peaks and Valleys

    Pax: Footloose, Runt, Bear, Mr. Anderson, Mercy, Cinamons, Fat Amy, Rudy, Fat Thor, Lyman, Isosceles, Demon Drop, Wipers, Orange Kilt, Chewy, Woodstock

    QiC: Woodstock

    For rep stations, when EMOM timer goes off sprint to cone and back then finish reps. When reps are completed, move to next station.

    For AMRAP stations, you must stay at station until next timer. when EMOM timer goes off go to butcher box.

    butcher box – 5 laps. Start at right cone on line closest to you. shuffle left, sprint forward, shuffle right, move backward.

    16 PAX Split into 2 groups (A and B), then partnered up within their group. 8 sets of 2. Then disperse – A groups to a station 1-4, B groups to a staton 5-8.

    EMOM (above).

    After 10 minutes, A and B switch. Switch partners if you want.

    1) 25 HR Merkins
    2) 15 Sandbag burpees
    3) 35 Jump Squats
    4) 20 Thrusters
    5) AMRAP 4 is 1 flutter kicks
    6) AMRAP Ab Wheel / inchworms
    7) AMRAP Tricep Extension
    8) 8) AMRAP Curls (block)

    After 10 more minutes, flip the cards. Switch partners if you want. We also changed up the EMOM to everyone just run.

    1) AMRAP HR Merkins
    2) AMRAP Sandbag burpees
    3) AMRAP Jump Squats
    4) AMRAP Thrusters
    5) 50 4 is 1 flutter kicks
    6) 15 Ab Wheel OR inchworms
    7) 25 horizontal block hold to overhead hold
    8) 15 7’s (15 low half, 15 high half, 15 full) (2x)

    After 10 minutes, A and B switch sides. Time shortage had us cut butcher box to 2 laps and EMOM became 1:45 / 5 rounds.

    Very confusing to explain and type. Very brutal to do. We did get to see the “Fat/Fit” team up on sandbag burpees 2x in the last 8 minutes though. Impressive to see the Amy/Thor mashup.

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