2 thoughts on “The Battlefield (The Shops at Fallen Timbers)

  1. PAX: Mercy, Lavarr, Simmons, Woodstock.
    QiC: Woodstock

    The thang,:
    Pax arranged themselves in a socially distanced square, and yhc explained the game. F3 cards were in use. Box was the button, and when you were on the button you called out buy in of 20 squats or Merkins. Yhc then dealt one card each. Low card was the exercise and high card was the reps. If a joker was dealt, all exercises were completed as prescribed. If a sprint card was pulled, run sprints and then do high card exercise (figured this out after doing 10 200y sprints).

    Did 13+ rounds, well over 120 each squats and Merkins from button buy in alone.

    Ended with COT, YHC was the 6:

    “I am working on 2020 goals for my 5 Fs: fitness, faith, fellowship, finance, and family. Was struggling with fellowship and family and I found it in a conversation that struck home for me recently. “Making the sacrifice and rarely, if ever feeling appreciated.”

    It’s hard to let that go, that yearning for recognition. Work, home, life – we crave it. But what if you take that out? The bitter disappointment and resentment that comes from not getting it? The unnecessary anger.

    What if you pour into others with no expectations of a reward or recognition? What if we take pride and joy in helping others, doing for others, and just being “that person”?

    It’s not about us – especially as father’s, husband’s and leaders.

    It’s time to be abnormal. “Normal” behavior treats kindness as a reaction or a reward based behavior – I respond to good morning with good morning, you scratch my back, etc.

    My goal for 2020: Stop expecting a return on kindness. It’s not that kind of investment. It’s an investment into your soul. When your kids see you modeling it, it’s an investment into their souls and hearts. That is love.”

  2. Little Old Lady
    Q: Montoya
    PAX: Simmons, Bongo, Lonzo, Lavar, Isosceles
    Warm up: 20 side staddle hops in cadence and a run around the movie theatre
    The Thang: We had some fun. We worked out to Moby’s flowers and we timed our reps to the verses, “Bring Sally up, Sally Down” After each set we did a burst of cardio goodness.
    Upright row
    -bunny hops to the lamp post-approx 30 ft
    Push-ups-low plank at sally down
    -bear crawl to the corner and crawl bear back
    Squats-low squat at sally down
    -run the movie theatre perimeter
    Legs-up-hold legs six inches at sally down
    -lunges to the corner and back
    Big Boi -situps -c sit at sally down
    Duck walk from theatre to the benches
    Wall jump- burpee down jump up on sally up
    Lunges back to theatre
    Great Mumble Chat, though a lot seemed to be at ISO’s expense, good laughs, and some swearing.
    Circle-up, Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama, Six, Intentions and Prayer

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